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Say goodbye to home-selling stress.

With over 8,276 buyers in our database, our homes sell faster and for more money than any other real estate team in the local market.

With Scott Coldwell and the team at Coldwell Real Estate Services—you can concentrate on buying and moving and NOT on worrying whether your house will sell.

Your home WILL sell—or we’ll buy it from you… Guaranteed!*

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Ask anyone who “knows” about real estate and they’ll tell you selling your home just isn’t a good idea these days. They’ll say there’s more competition on the market, that home sale prices are shrinking, and that there are fewer buyers interested in moving into your home.

But at Coldwell Real Estate Services we couldn’t disagree more.

No matter whether you’ve found a home you like and you want to sell fast, or you have another reason you need to make sure your house sale doesn’t drag on, it’s always a PERFECT time to sell with us.

If your home doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it—guaranteed*

We sell 500 homes a year, so trust us when we say… When you choose the Coldwell Real Estate Services team, your home will sell 60 days faster (on average) and often for 100% of listing or more.

That means more money in your pocket: usually an extra $12,000 on the sale of a $400,000 house. And it means less anxiety while you search for a new home to buy—because yours will have already sold!

In fact, we’re so sure your house will sell that if it doesn’t—we’ll buy it. Guaranteed!*

4 Big Reasons to Call Coldwell Real Estate Services
to Sell Your Home

1) WE HAVE BUYERS IN WAITING We have 8,276 buyers in our database looking for a home in the area. It is likely that the buyer for your home is already in my database - Your home may already be sold!
2) YOUR HOME WILL SELL FOR $10,000 MORE* We sell our client's homes for an average of 2.4% more money compared to the average area agent. On a $400,000 home, that's an extra $10,000 in your pocket.
3) YOUR HOME WILL SELL 48% FASTER We sell our client's homes on average 48% faster on listings sold. That means you move on to your next chapter much quicker when listing with Coldwell Real Estate Services.

Call us today! 352-209-0000
4) YOUR HOME IS MORE LIKELY TO SELL Not only do we sell our client's homes for more money and faster than the average area agent, your home is more likely to sell. According to MLS statistics 4/2015-5/2016, only 81% of area homes sold during their listing term. Compare that to our 93% of homes listed that sold before the end of the listing term.

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