Millions around the globe made the sudden transition to remote work amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and not surprisingly, are starting to feel burnt out. Burnout can get the better of you, even when you have a great passion for your work.

The lines between work and non-work are blurring in new and unusual ways, and many employees who are working remotely for the first time are likely to struggle to preserve healthy boundaries between their professional and personal lives. If you’re burnt out, here are some powerful and proven ways to can get your mental and physical health back on track…

1. Carve Out A Space Of Your Own: Still working from the couch? Not all of us have the luxury of dedicated office space, but it’s important that you create a space that is specifically for work so you can be more efficient and separate personal life from professional life.

2. Set Boundaries & Limits: Establish a firm start time and end time to your day—and take time for breaks and meals.

3. Set a Schedule: Establish a schedule and rhythm with your family to accommodate dueling Zoom calls and/or establish head-down work time. Ask yourself what’s working and what’s not and make adjustments.

4. Practice Self-Care: Exercise is critically important, as is making sure you’re sleeping well and practicing mindfulness. Try making a list of the things that bring you joy and hard booking them into your schedule to avoid burnout.

5. Reclaim Your Commute: If you were working in an office, the time to mentally transition and decompress would occur on your commute home. Try setting a block of time to mark the end of the workday by going for walk, tuning into a podcast, or calling a friend.

6. Take A Day Off: It’s important to take a day off if you’re experiencing burnout, but not without having a plan in place. Structure the day so it will be different from your other days, in a way that aids in your recovery. Make a plan for self-care: exercise, meditation, time with family, whatever helps you relax and recharge. We’re working much longer and much harder, we deserve breaks!

Scott Coldwell, Broker/Owner