Are you someone who struggles to keep your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you make excuses and eventually fall flat on what you set out to do? As a small business that has grown exponentially over the years, we know a thing or two about setting and achieving goals. We also know how difficult it has been in 2020 to do much of anything, let alone, achieve greatness. If you are ready to close the chapter on this crazy year and tackle the new one, make sure to read these tips on how to keep your resolutions in 2021:

1. Choose A Realistic Goal: We love overachievers and big dreamers, but shooting for the moon can sometimes be counterproductive. If you find yourself making big goals every year and not following through, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Broad and large goals need to be broken down into specific ones that are achievable and can be easily measured.

2. Planning: Tackling a behavior change takes careful planning. If you start working toward a goal with no plan, you will most likely find yourself giving up fairly quickly. Make a list of what you need to do to achieve your goal, make a schedule, and block out time to work on your goal every week!

3. Small Steps: Putting more weight on your shoulders all at once is another reason people get overwhelmed and give up their goals. So don’t overdo it! Start small if you have to and build your way up.

4. 12-Week Year: One of the main reasons people tend to procrastinate on their goals is because they make the excuse “there’s still plenty of time left.” Having 12 months to complete, or even start, your goals can cause you to push them aside. To solve this dilemma, our team uses the 12-Week Year. If you’re not familiar, pick up the 12-Week Year book written by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington! This book outlines how to OVER achieve your goals!–instead of having 12 months, this book suggests that you break the year down into 12 weeks, or 3 months. That way, every moment is precious time that you cannot waste. Imagine all the things you can get done in a whole year if you follow this method!

5. Accountability Partners: If you lack self-motivation and determination, having someone else be responsible for your goals is crucial. We always say that friends are enablers, so be careful when choosing a partner!

6. Review Your Motivation: You might have a lot of energy in the beginning, but sometimes once you hit obstacles along the way, giving up becomes easier. Remind yourself WHY you’re making a behavior change, get inspired again, and push forward!

Scott Coldwell, Broker/Owner